Songs for Intermediate Foundation 5

Keeping in line with making sure that your ear develops, my strongest recommendation is that you try and transcribe some songs yourself! In order to help you with that I am putting some songs here and some hints to get you going with them.

Songs to transcribe yourself

You know that transcribing songs yourself is the best way to learn. So here are a list of songs that use the techniques we have covered so far. You will find that learning songs that use the techniques you are learning is probably the best and most effective way of absorbing a new technique.

Songs that use triads


Songs that use picked fingerstyle


Song with Chips

Green Onions - Booker T and The MG's (it's in F, and the chips are the notes Bb and D on first chord!)

Songs with lessons on justinguitar

Songs That Use Triads

I Shot The Sheriff - Bob Marley

Substitute - The Who (uses all 3 shapes on strings 1/2/3)

Fire And Rain - James Taylor (a little trickier, but fun too!)

Three Little Birds - Bob Marley (no triads in my easy version - but why not try adding them in yourself!!)

All Right Now - Free (uses all 3 shapes on strings 2/3/4)

So Far Away From Me - Dire Straits (uses all 3 shapes on strings 2/3/4) *transcribe it yourself, no lesson yet!

Songs that use picked fingerstyle

Wherever You Will Go - The Calling

Needle And The Damage Done - Neil Young

Patience - Guns 'n' Roses (really nice picked fingerstyle in the verses!)

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton (easy open chords - can work out the picking pattern??)

If you feel adventurous...

Hysteria - Muse (uses the triad shapes in the solo so you can see them as lead guitar!)

Intermediate Foundation 5