Songs For Lesson 10

This week the new chords are the weak finger G (particularly good for using in songs with C, Am and F) and the A mini barre.

I would suggest trying to incorporate them both into songs that you already know that use them, and or seek out some new appropriate songs using either or both of those chords.

At this stage you really do want to find songs that you really like and think you would like to add to your repertiore!

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

This song is F to G for nearly all the song (just a brief change in the progression for the instrumental interlude, which uses Am). This is one Nitsuj was using because there is so much to try - he was doing some parts with Fmaj7 to G (weak finger G), sometimes F mini barre to G (still weak finger) and even full F barre chord to G (but this was less successful to be honest, but worth a go!). Lesson for Dreams

All Along The Watchtower

This Dylan hit is usually played as Am, G and F through the whole song so this is a nice one to work on the weak finger G.


The Hank Williams classic is also a cool C F and G one to try out. There are some fancy bass note picking patterns to explore if you are feeling adventurous, but wouldn't recommend getting too into that at this stage of the journey!

Little Talks

If you want to push yourself with some super fast chord changes, then this song is a cracker - but Nitsuj found it too fast and ended up slowing it down to be able to play along at all. But a good test to see if you're burning through this stuff! Lesson for Little Talks

Dance The Night Away - Mavericks

This is one from way back in Lesson 1 which is just D and A for the whole song - a great one for working on the A mini barre and exploring what feels easy for you! Lesson here.

What I Like About You

For some unknown reason, Nitsuj kept on stumbling into this when exploring E A D A progression - he never learned it properly (and neither have I!) but it's a cool one you might like to check out.

The I V VI IV Thing

There hundreds and hundreds of songs based around the I V VI IV progressions which you can play in the key of C as C G Am F. If you somehow missed it then check out the Axis Of Awesome Four Chords use it for a loads of songs (there is an f word early in the video so careful playing it for children!).  Just stumbled on this playlist of over 100 songs too (not lessons just the list!).


Lesson 10: Weak G Bamba