Songs For Lesson 6

Whoo hoo - you've now learned all 8 essential Open Chords For beginners and there are THOUSANDS of songs you can play now!

Great Songs For Lesson 6

Songs for this week should include the new G chord and mixing it in with chords you have learned already. There are literally hundreds of songs you could choose from now that use just these chords and a relatively easy to play strumming wise. Here are some suggestions I like:

Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix - this one is awesome because it uses all 5 of the major chord grips in the one song. And it's a cool song.

Wish You Were Here - don't waster time struggling on the intro yet, but you can strum you r way through the rest of it already! Wow this video is OLD, I really must remake it!

Heros - David Bowie - I'm still sad that he's no longer with us. He was a hero, and it's a fab song with just G D Am and Em.

This Years Love - David Gray - great song to work on the 6:8 grooves and using all our chords!

Mad World - Tears For Fears / Gary Jules - Just a super cool song with plenty of G in it! In the lesson on it, I show you some fancy things you can have a try at too - but those things are aimed at beginners further down the road, so don't get frustrated if you fnd them too hard! Nitsuj can't do them either!

Heart Of Gold - Neil Young - Great song again with soe fancy things going on that will be too hard for this stage of playing, but it's such a wonderful song, you might want to check it out and leave off the fancy riffs!

How To Save A Life - The Fray - lovely songs with the classic G C D Em thing going on.

Beginner App

If you're using the  Justin Guitar Beginner App then try using the song filter too - just select all the chords you know and off you rock! There are MANY to choose from.

Website Song Filter

On the main songs page of the website you can filter the songs by simple chords, so you might like to try that too - I only really included beginner type songs in there so it should work well.

Do your best to find songs that you really like and that will inspire you to keep practising! :)

More Songs

If you have any other suggestions of awesome songs - let us all know in the comments below!


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