Songs For Module 3

I know you can’t wait to get to practising the chords and strum patterns you’ve just learned, so here are a few songs that feature the E minor and A minor chords - for some they're the only chords in the song which makes them super cool ones to work on for this lesson!

If you didn't check out my Beginner Song Course App then go check it out - it's awesome for staying inspired while practising songs with just 2 chords - really makes it feel a load more musical than just strumming them over and over on your own!

Particularly Awesome Songs For Lesson 3

Sing – Ed Sheeran
This one’s great for switching back and forth between Em and Am. You can keep the rhythm simple here, or practice one of the strum patterns with up-strums we learned in the lesson. The app playalong for this one is fun!

Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5
A bit faster and groovier than “Sing,” this song is a fun one to practice and play along with - still just Em and Am! Note that the original song uses Bm and Em which are ones you've not learned yet. You can use a Capo and play Am and Dm, but in my song app, we transposed it so you can use Em and Am :) so lots of ways to skin this cat, not that I'm into skinning cats or anything - what a horrid expression that is... anyways.

I Belong to You – Lenny Kravitz
If “Moves Like Jagger” is a bit much for you, take it slow with this Lenny tune. The slower tempo gives you some freedom when it comes to experimenting with your strum patterns - and yep, still just Em and Am!

Call Out My Name - Weeknd
Another classic pop hit with just Em and Am all the way - however, this one is in 6:8 time (a different type of strumming) so you might find it tricky - some people will pick it up - just 2 strums to the bar! explained in the video lesson!

Cortez The Killer - Neil Young
This is one of my all-time favourite songs (but not in the app because NY publishers are 'difficult') and this uses Am, D and Em - so it's an awesome lesson 3 song!

More Awesome Songs For Lesson 3 

There are loads more songs that use the minor chords combined with other chords we've used in the course so far - might be worth looking at one or two of them as well... so in total, we have the chords A, D, E, Am and Em.

Use Me – Bill Withers
A little different from the others, “Use Me” switches between E minor and A (major), rather than A minor.

Kinky Afro - Happy Mondays
This one is another A and Em all the way kinda tune! :)

Fever - Peggy Lee
This soft jazz hit is just Am and E all the way! and it's in the beginner song course app.

Got more awesome song suggestions that use just these chords? Let me know in the comments below!


Module 3: The Am & Em Army!