Tammy Lesson 1

Meet Tammy! She's a new student and thought y'all might like to see my approach to teaching someone more into songwriting and strumming than playing burning lead guitar!

The video is take 2, I stupidly forgot to turn on the camera pointing at Tammy (or pressed it twice or something) so some of this stuff is re-done but we covered some new ground too!

Hope you enjoy it - let me know if you enjoy this private lesson format because I thinking of getting another 1 or 2 students in if it's popular enough!

Practice Routine

Note down any new discoveries you make during the week as it will help inform the next lesson and the direction - super important in the early stages of lesson planning (for teachers!).

No resting left arm or wrist on your leg!

5' • Strumming With Pick
- Keep the hand relaxed
- Stay aware (but not scared of ) pick movement
- Experiment with dynamics - loud and soft!

5' • Chord Experiments
- Mixing 'regular' chords into the G, D/F#, Em, C progression
- Try to free up choices so those 'old friends' are not always first choice
- Stay aware of finger placement (right up next to the fret) and fix every time you notice it!
- Pick out the individual notes so you can check if any are missing!
- Experiment with the chord variations:

  • G: removing the note on String 5, playing 'folk' G with just Fingers 3/4, adding in notes with Fingers 1/2
  • D: don't always play with the F# bass note. Try Sus2 and Sus4
  • Em: use little finger to explore adding notes in Fret 2 of Strings 1/2
  • C: use regular C and add little finger on fret 3 of Strings 1/2, hammer-on with Finger 2. And keep String 6 mutes with the tip of Finger 3!

5' • Barre Chord Practice
- Learn from memory the notes at Frets 3/5/7 (G, A and B)
- Experiment playing and checking the notes in the Major and Minor E Shape Barre Grips.
- All Along The Watchtower and good practice song (| Bm / A / | G / / / |)

Song Analysis
- Read the lesson on Song Structure (in Practical Music Theory paid course)
- Pick 10 songs that resonate with you the most
- Write down the song structure
- Look up TABs and study the chords used in the various parts (what used in verse, chorus, bridge etc.)

Put On The To Do Later List!

• Picked Fingerstyle

• Layering parts for recording

• Making a second part when jamming with someone


Tammys Lessons