Tammy Lesson 12

Tammy’s back for her 12th lesson in the studio and she’s making great progress on some of the things we went over in her last lesson. If you’ll recall, last time we worked on hammer-ons, percussive hits with a pick, folk fingerstyle, and transcribing a song by listening to it and trying to play it a few alternative ways using a capo.

In this lesson, we go over:

  • Folk fingerstyle. We checked on Tammy’s progress with the fingerpicking pattern we worked on in her last lesson. She’s got it down pretty well, so now she just needs to focus on getting the pattern super effortless. She should be able to carry on a conversation while playing the pattern and without missing a beat.
  • Playing by ear. Tammy laments a bit about some struggles she’s having with trying to figure out a tune from ear. This is definitely one of those things that comes with practice, and while there are some things you can do to help you along, you’ve really just got to train your ear up over time.
  • Percussive hits with a pick. We reviewed this a bit and Tammy seems to be getting the hang of it. Something she gets a little caught up with is getting too in her head and then getting frustrated if she can’t get the sound she’s looking for – which is super common! Of course, the best way to get the best sound is to relax, get comfortable with it, and find the groove of whatever you’re trying to play. If it feels good to you while you’re playing it, it’ll sound good to an audience.

New Lessons:

  • Folk Fingerstyle Pattern #2. Since Tammy’s got her first folk fingerstyle pattern down pretty well, she’s got another one she can work on now. Over time, she should be super comfortable with each pattern, to the point where she can even eventually blend the two of them together.

For Next Time:

  • Find two songs that she can practice the folk fingerstyle pattern #2 on. A good way to practice this is to play the pattern repeatedly while doing something else, like watching telly. Once the pattern is ingrained in your fingers and your brain, you can start applying it to songs with chord changes.
  • Continue transcribing. A good goal is to work on one song per week. By Christmas, Tammy should have around ten or so songs that she can play at the drop of a hat. That’s a solid gig set!
  • Continue finger stretches and finger gym exercises.


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