Tammy Lesson 3

Still powering along and doing great - looking forward to getting more into recording and exploring the creative process!


Make sure the thickest string is muted when playing C!

Practice Routine

Note down any new discoveries you make during the week as it will help inform the next lesson and the direction - super important in the early stages of lesson planning (for teachers!).

n/a • Music Theory

n/a • Notes On Neck

  • Learn all the notes on the thickest TWO String (String 6 and 5). Use the 'key notes' 3rd fret G and C, 5th Fret A and D and 7th fret B and E

10' • Exploring Chord Shapes / Progressions

  • Try out each of the CAGED Sapes - and explore sus chords and lifting/adding fingers - get creative
  • Remember the different ways to play A chord - what might the different fingers offer for variations?
  • Write some chord progressions while exploring new chords - and record them!

5-10' • Recording chord progressions - Rhythm focus

  • Record some chord progressions into Logic and stay aware of the rhythm - use and explore the rhythm patterns you explored last lesson (or new ones!)
  • Listen back and see how your rhythm is relative to the click track
  • If time - you might like to have a go at layering another part - if you do this put part 1 in left ear and new part in right ear!

[optional] 5' • Down Strums With Metronome

  • Download the JustinGuitar Time Trainer metronome (there is an Android version, but it's being remade!)
  • Set tempo to 80-100bpm and strum down strums with the click
  • Stay aware of where you are, are you rushing or dragging... find the sweet spot where it feels good!

n/a • Chords In The Key Of G

  • Learn and memorize the chords in the key of G: G Am Bm C D Em and explore putting them together into your own chord progressions.

[optional] n/a • Jamming

  • One person plays open chords
  • Other person finds those open chords are barre chords (this helps with your barres practice and notes on the neck, and strumming!!)
  • Do as much of this as you can!

Put On The To Do Later List!

Added this week

  • Creative Capo
  • Chips On The Backbeat
  • Percussive backbeat hit

From previous weeks!

  • Picked Fingerstyle
  • Layering parts for recording
  • Making a second part when jamming with someone (started in lesson 2!)
  • Open strings in barres
  • Easy fingerstyle patterns
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