Tammy Lesson 4

This week we discovered Tammy had been looking way beyond the suggested lesson and learned all about The CAGED System and did great with it! :) awesome!

She practised well and so this week we looked at the 4 main barre chords shapes (all covered in my Intermediate Course) specifically the 5th string root major chord (A Shape).

We looked more at Chords In Key (from Grade 3 of my Practical Music Theory Course) and how to use them in practice on the neck without having to 'know' all the notes in the keys.

We looked at a fun exercise for checking your timing using a DAW (no related lesson on the website yet) but also The Disappearing Metronome Trick which is a lot of fun.

I also asked her to find a couple of 'song seeds' so next lesson (or the one after) we can start recording and try to cook up a song!

Hope you're enjoying following her journey - and having lots of fun on your own guitar adventure!


Tammys Lessons