Tammy Lesson 5

Still powering along and doing great - looking forward to getting more into recording and exploring the creative process!


Forget about G, C and D Shape barre chords for now!

Practice Routine

Note down any new discoveries you make during the week as it will help inform the next lesson and the direction - super important in the early stages of lesson planning (for teachers!).

n/a • Music Theory

5' • Major Scale Pattern 1

  • Simply playing the scale up and down with all down picks, working on the stretch!

5' • Exploring E Shape Barres with the open thin strings

  • Just have some fun exploring it and see if you can come up with a progression or two.

5-10' • Shape Explorer

  • Go through as much of the Chord Shape Explorer series as you can - we've chatted through it but I just want consolidation here before we do a full-on capo session!

5' • Back Beat Hit

  • Strumming the muted hit - practice on it's own - working into one movement that feels like a down strum
  • Incorporate it into a strumming pattern (Down Hit Down Up Hit)

Put On The To Do Later List!

Added this week

  • none!

From previous weeks!

  • Creative Capo
  • Chips On The Backbeat
  • Picked Fingerstyle
  • Layering parts for recording
  • Making a second part when jamming with someone (started in lesson 2!)
  • Open strings in barres
  • Easy fingerstyle patterns
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