Tammy Lesson 7

Things going great for Tammy still - the video was late up because I got into recording a project and didn't find time to edit it... won't matter if you're binging on these later though!

Practice Routine

Note down any new discoveries you make during the week as it will help inform the next lesson and the direction - super important in the early stages of lesson planning (for teachers!).

n/a • Music Theory

  • Back on track with the Theory course - c'mon Tam, you can do it!

5' • Finger Stretch

  • Was still a bit fast - make sure you feel the stretch like you would any kind of yoga stretch! See the Finger Stretching Exercise

5' • Major Scale Pattern 1

  • Now moving it to the key of C - so second finger on the 8th fret
  • think about note quality - make every note count
  • try not to let the fingers flatten and try not to let the hand move much side to side.

5' • Chords In C

  • Chords in the Key of C are C F G Am Dm and Em. Explore playing them, make some progressions and then...
  • Record your prgression into Logic (or garange Band or whatever option you have)

5-10' • Improvising With The Major Scale

  • Improvise in the key of C - solo over the chords you recorded.

5' • Notes On The Neck

  • Use the Octave Shape to help you name any note on the fretboard (excpt the B string!)


  • We also spent time looking at song form and how to grow a couple of ideas into a song. Be a good idea to try this out in practice and see what hurdles you encounter!

Put On The To Do Later List!

Added this week

  • none!

From previous weeks!

  • Creative Capo
  • Chips On The Backbeat
  • Picked Fingerstyle
  • Layering parts for recording
  • Making a second part when jamming with someone (started in lesson 2!)
  • Open strings in barres
  • Easy fingerstyle patterns
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