Tammy Lesson 8

In this lesson we record one of Tammy's original songs :) When we met she told me she was a singer-songwriter and so the whole point really of this whole thing was to get her back exploring guitar creatively and use it for writing.

I know she has Logic at home and so thought we'd have a go at recording a song and getting her used to the process and have some fun with it.

The plan is now to explore stuff we unearthed in this lesson:

1. More work recording rhythms and double tracking

2. Ways to explore rhythm more (perhaps using a capo on this track to change the grips)

3. Further exploring dynamics to build the track

4. Layering some electric guitar parts

5. Lyrics, editing and improving...

6. Options for home recording with mics etc.


Hope you enjoyed it - back for more soon! :)

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