The A Minor Chord

Yes, another sad minor chord! We’re looking at the A minor chord here, and I think you’ll find it bears a striking similarity to another chord you should already be familiar with…

You look familiar!

The A minor chord uses the exact same chord grip as the E major chord. To go from A minor to E, simply move all of your fingers down a string. For A minor, make sure your 1st finger is on the 2nd string. That should serve as a good point of reference to get your other fingers placed properly.


try to avoid playing the thickest string with this one. More advanced players might bring their thumb over the back of the neck and mute it - but that's not something I recommend for beginners. Also, if you find your thinnest string is muted, it shouldn’t be! Most likely, your 1st finger is muting it on accident.

To practice, place all of your fingers on the strings and then play each string individually to make sure you’re getting the sound you want out of them.

It should sound something like this:


Next up we're having a kind of reminder lesson about how you hold your guitar!

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