The Amin Chord

The A minor (Am) chord sounds kind of sad...

When you see a 'm' after the name of the chord, it means that it is a minor chord, sometimes it's written 'min' - so if it's 'm', 'min' or 'minor' it's all the same thing.

The three chords we looked at in the previous stage are all major chords, but you don't have to say, for instance, ‘A Major' every time; major chords are so common that you can just say ‘A'.

A minor Chord sounds kinda sad...

You should notice that this first chord is very similar to the E chord that we learnt earlier, but with the shape placed on different strings.

Subsequently, you should find changing from Am to E pretty easy. Make sure that your 1st finger is not muting the thinnest string when checking each note individually in your practice, and check with how it sounds in the video lesson to make sure you're getting it right.

Once you have this one sorted then it's time to check out another minor chord!

Beginner 2: Getting Minor