The E Minor Chord

The E minor chord is probably the easiest chord we’ve look at so far.

E Minor Chord - Time to lift a finger...

Starting from an E major chord (which you should already be familiar with) just lift your first finger off the third string and voila - you're playing an E minor chord.

Careful not to mute the third string with Finger 3, though! If the third string doesn’t ring out, you can’t really tell that you’ve gone from major to minor, the only note that is different will be muted!


Make sure your E minor sounds like the video - or here's an audio example if you prefer!


Alternate Fingering

I would recommend getting a good sound using the 2nd and 3rd fingers and making that your default fingering but once you're confident with the chord change and making it sound good, you can experiment with alternative fingerings, such as the 1st and 2nd or the 3rd and 4th. You’ll figure out which fingering is most comfortable for you, and you can vary it up depending on the song you’re playing, and which chords you play immediately before and after the E minor chord.

Here are some alternative fingerings for you to try.



You'll probably get this one pretty quickly! You'll be ready for another minor chord in no time.

Module 3: The Am & Em Army!