Top 5 Tips To Make THIS year your best Guitar Year!

Many of us find it easy to get vibed up at the start of the year - here are my tips for making this year your best ever guitar year!

Note - to keep things easy - I placed this lesson IN the Effective Practice module, so you'll find loads of related stuff right here! :)

1. Make time to practice, not just play!

  • I recommend a 50/50 approach to fun v structure
  • Regular sessions are way better than long stints
  • Can you practice at work? Some big companies will make a rec room for you and maybe you can find colleagues to jam with!

2. Set some goals - be realistic - find SOME things that are measurable!

  • Long-term - what would you mile to do by next Christmas
  • Mid-term - what would you like to have done by the middle of next year?
  • Short-term - what can you achieve by end of Jan?

3. Make the best use of your time

  • Is social media really worth your time? (try this BBC article to start, and I'd encourage you to research and think about it!)
  • Use a timer!
  • Use a routine/schedule (if you’re that kind of dude!)
  • See my lessons on thing to do away from guitar!
  • Be careful on YouTube - distractions and clickbait
  • Write or print out things you need before you start.
  • If you are bored with an element of your practice change it!
  • Understanding why you are doing things should help avoid the above…

4. Accountability

  • Write your goals down
  • Post them on your social media
  • Make a video about what you hope to achieve (great fun to look back on too!)

5. Treat Yourself

  • Nearly all of us can get inspired by gear!
  • Get yourself something to kick things off great - use the rest of the tips to help maintain things.

Hope that helps you make a great start to the year - let me know in the comments what your goals are!

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