Truss Rod Adjustments

I've always been scared of adjusting my truss rod after a couple of crunchy experiences (nothing bad happened, it just sounded bad) but feeling a lot more confident after chatting it through with Charlie.


You'll need an Allen Key, 4mm is the most common, maybe a 5mm. Some instruments may be in Imperial measurements, you'll just have to try them and see.

Some newer models have a visible adjuster that can be turned easily with many tools - called Spoke Wheel - a most excellent design!

Many vintage and reissue designs take a screwdriver - and you have to remove the neck to make the adjustments! A proper pain in the ass - strings off, neck off, adjust truss rod, neck on (hopefully in the right place), strings on, test... repeat until you get it just right. Horrible!

Have a look and see before you decide to get started!


  • Make sure the guitar is in tune! and tune after any adjustments!
  • You'll almost certainly need to adjust the truss rod if you change your string gauge.
  • Hold down the first fret and when you make your adjustments so you don't make mistakes based on the nut height.


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