Ukulele Movable Chords: Shape 1

These "movable chord shapes" are great because you can use them all over the Uke neck and by learning just these three grips you'll be learning many chords!

The red note in each chord is the 'root note' and will determine the name of the chord. Place the chord on the fret so the red dot si the note name of the chord you want. For example, to play a C Major chord you would use the Major 1 shape or fret 3 where the C note is found on the thinnest string (the same string as the red dot!). To play a D Minor you would place the "Minor 1" grip so the red dot will be on a note D, on fret 5. Got it?

The "Major 1" shape will be familiar to all intermediate guitar players (and many beginners) as the top part of the E Shape (and beginners might recognise it as an 'easy F'!).

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