What A Wonderful World (ukulele)

“What A Wonderful World” has been covered countless times over, but it was made popular by Louis Armstrong. Such a lovely tune, and perfect for when someone needs a bit of uplifting - including yourself!

The song works very well on the ukulele, but while the strumming isn’t too terribly complex, there are quite a few chords in it.

Keep an eye out for barre chords here, too! While barre chords aren’t as formidable on the ukulele as they may be on a full six-string guitar, you do need to be aware of where they turn up within the song. That way, you can adjust your fretting hand’s positioning accordingly to ensure you’re ready to barre without creating a break in the song.

This song is in 6/8 time, which means that instead of four beats per bar, there are six. However, when playing, this presents more like two groups of three. Therefore, you want to accent beats 1 and 4 while you’re playing. Personally, I prefer to keep the strumming pattern pretty simple throughout most of the song, but you’re welcome to add in additional strums wherever you want. If you do that, just be sure to stay within the groups of three!

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