What is a DAW?!? (Logic Pro X Basics)

Digital Audio Workstation! 

There! That's the answer!

DAW's are the programs we work in to create modern music. In the past, music was recorded onto big reels of tape in multi-million dollar studios. These days, we download the DAW of our choice and make full songs on our laptops. We live in the future!

This lesson looks at the basic layout and controls in Logic Pro X, and it is quite specific to this program. If you're working through this course in a different program, you will almost definitely have all the same menus and features, but they'll likely be in a different place on the screen, sorry!

Knowing your way around a program like Logic is absolutely essential. It allows you to have creative freedom later on. If you want to move something around, but spend five minutes trying to work out how to get the computer to do what you want, the excitement and creativity die pretty fast. This lesson gives you a super quick zip through all the basic features of Logic Pro X and where to find them on the screen. 

The only way to become really familiar with a program is the same as learning to play an instrument - practice! The dreaded 'P' word, I know. Through this course, you'll find us reaching for the same controls and menus time and time again, so you'll be fairly fluent by the end of these lessons, I promise.

Make notes if you need to, keep coming back to this video if you need a refresher and keep exploring your programs. I am still learning about features in Logic almost 5 years after I started using it!