Why Is Strumming So Hard?

I get hundreds of these questions every single week.

Why is strumming so hard?

The answer seems to be all over the internet. There are crazy formulas on how to strum the guitar, many videos with strumming patterns for you to copy... So why do many guitar players still struggle with it?

I teach strumming from the very basics on my Beginner Course - which helps most players to develop it well! But I know that learning to strum 'the right way' is not the reality for many people getting into the guitar. This causes some extra struggles during the learning process.

Well, is strumming really that hard? You may be doing it the wrong way.

A Step-by-Step on How to REALLY Strum the Guitar

Are you ready to explore some of the most common reasons for strumming struggles? In the video-lesson, I explored all the steps you have to follow to finally learn how to strum the guitar. At the end of the lesson, you'll know how strum works, what to do if you've learned it the wrong way, and the best strumming pattern for beginners.

There’s one big secret to get strumming right: to keep your hand moving. This may be a bit harder than it seems, but I know it's a skill you can learn. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Your hand should ALWAYS be moving!
Yes, that again. Even if you're not strumming, keep your hand moving. This is the basis for developing good strumming. If you’re still not convinced this is THE KEY, watch your favorite guitar player’s hand…

2. Learn strumming step-by-step.
If you can’t strum consistently on the beat of each bar, you’re probably going to struggle. Sometimes, you’re better off taking some steps back to move forward!

3. Mute your strings while practicing strumming.
This way, you’ll have no distractions! You’ll be able to focus just on the strumming movement.

4. The thickness of your guitar pick matter.
As a beginner, you should be using a very thin pick – and holding it right!

5. Are you over your guitar pick?
Explore strumming the guitar with your fingers. I recommend that you learn to play with a pick first, but there are no rules here. Keep your journey fun!

In the lesson, I also explained WHY rhythm matters so much for music. A little piece of information that can help you make some sense out of the complexity of strumming… :)

Hope you dig the tips - let me know your thoughts in the comments and which other questions you'd like me to answer!

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