Why study Music Theory?

Here’s another fun one to go along with your ear training…

Music theory is often taught in schools and it’s not always fun the way it's taught in the classroom! A lot of music schools and private teachers will start students off with some music theory with no practical application, but it can sometimes put people off from music altogether. My first experience of music theory was horrid and it really put me off. It was boring and was all based in classical music which was not what I was into as a 15 year old punk rocker!

I tend to take an approach that is more fun and practical, and it will enable you to make music faster and easier. As you may have noticed, music theory hasn’t been much of a thing so far in this course. I may have mentioned it here or there, but it hasn’t been the primary driver of learning how to play the guitar.

What is Music Theory?

Music theory is like a shortcut that will help you progress further in your music journey. It teaches you to use certain skillsets, methodologies, and yes, theories, to make music quickly, particularly when it comes to composing and improvising.

This includes chord manipulation, for instance. This involves learning one chord and then changing it into another one. We do this by understanding the basic chord structure. Once we understand the way it’s supposed to work, we can apply this to our practice. Otherwise, we’d just be learning thousands of chords and all of their possible variations!

Another concept is learning which chords belong in a particular key. By knowing which chords relate to one another, you don’t have to guess which ones sound good next to which ones. When you’re writing a song, you choose a key and work within it. Knowing which chords you have to choose from in the key can save you a ton of time and headache. It’ll also save you from throwing some wonky chord into your tune on accident – unless “wonky” is the sound you’re going for!

Music Theory Course

Just like the ear training course, I’ve created a separate music theory course for you to dig into. There, you’ll learn the basics of music theory in a way that makes practical sense. You’ll find that you’re able to apply it to some of the things you’ve already learned in the beginner’s course, and it’ll give you a nice backbone for your future musical endeavours.

When you start writing songs, music theory will certainly come in handy. Even as a beginner, you should be able to write a song by the end of Grade 1!

I've kept the first couple of grades of the course free, but after that, it's one of the very few paid areas of the site - a boy has to make a living eh! And if you really are unable to afford the course, you can email me and explain and I'll get you access.

Click here to check out my Practical, Fast and Fun Music Theory Course! :)