Why Subscribe To The Paid Course?

Before we get into the course, I'm sure you’ve noticed that this part of the site costs money, while nothing else on JustinGuitar does. So, thought I'd explain why, and what an amazing theory course you get for your hard earned cash!

Why isn't everything free?

The pdf version of Practical Music Theory has been a solid income stream for me for many years and I can't just turn it off, given the massive expense of the site re-vamp and a two-year-old daughter who I hope is sure to go to university! So this super-upgraded and expanded version is $9.99 (USD) for 6 months. It contains all the content from Practical Music Theory and its sequel, the Chord Construction Guide, plus lots, LOTS more! I’ve processed all the feedback I’ve received over the last 10 years to make this what I hope is the best theory course for guitarists ever. Subscribing (9.99 USD) gets you access to all of the Practical Music Theory sections of the site for 6 months.

If you want to understand music theory, this is everything you need.

What's Included?

Over 100 lessons (with more on the way very soon)
Right now, there are five grades of material, covering all the topics from the old Practical Music Theory ebook, but in lots more detail and with many new lessons that I think will help you along your theory journey. Grade 6 is almost finished and covers all the material that used to be in the Chord Construction Guide ebook (though some of this is already included in the earlier grades) - plus another 40+ lessons! The grades get bigger as they go up because the concepts are deeper and more complex and I want to break them into manageable chunks. I have started sketching out Grade 7 and hope to release it by the end of 2018 (it’s a big one!).

Two PDF eBooks!
I'm including the final version (v4) of Practical Music Theory and the Chord Construction Guide ebooks in with the subscription! Until a week ago, buying these together cost over $27 (£9.99 each!). These have been extremely popular for the last 10 years but have now evolved into this site (which I'm sure you will find much better) but you have these to keep forever, even if you just subscribe for one six-month block.

As a subscriber, you can also ask questions about the lessons, and I'll be checking in regularly to help y’all. If it gets too much for me to handle, I'll get a teaching assistant to help anyone with problems. If many people have a similar issue, I will make a lesson to cover that problem.

PDF Worksheet Downloads
We already have printable PDF worksheets for many of the lessons and for the end-of-grade tests, and there are more to come. Most of the lessons will have a kind of tip sheet or worksheet pdf to download and print out (but only when really needed, please save trees!).

What's To Come?

I'm already really proud of this course, but there is more great stuff to come. The reason I've opted for subscription this time around is that I want to grow this thing into an incredible theory resource and a subscription model means I can keep adding to it and updating regularly - we've almost finished Grade 6 which will be released as soon as it's done and then I'll be adding video, downloads and a whole lot more. There are even plans to add video and interactive elements - it's already great but it's going to be incredible. :) 
The website is like a book that will constantly expand, improve and evolve and subscribers make it possible.

In the coming months I will be adding:

  • pdf file downloads for many lessons (my editor is working on these right now!)
  • backing tracks and example play alongs for students around the concepts in the lessons
  • video lessons, when video can explain things better than just text.

And as your understanding grows, I hope that the site will grow into the best music theory resource for guitarists that there has ever been. The first couple of modules are free to check out, but I hope that you'll support me in this mega music theory for guitar players project!

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