Wobbly Whammy Bar Fix

I've been struggling with my whammy bar being loose on Strats most of my life, always annoyed me. So after spending some time getting my Jeff Beck strat all nicely set up I decided I was going to get this problem solved, so I trawled the internet for hours and found nothing...

So I tweeted. And I got a great response from lots of surprised people telling me about this tape called PTFE tape (also called Plumbers tape, or Teflon tape and other names too).

I told a few pro friends and they didn't know about it either (I wasn't the only one!!) so I thought I'd do a quick vid and show y'all how it's done (it very simple). I have found that it needs re-doing every few weeks, but I play a lot, so maybe less often if you are not... and it's not that much hassle really...

Hope it sorts it for you.

• No I don't think it fixes it for "no thread" bars.
• Make sure you wrap the tape around the threads the opposite way it screws in. Otherwise, it may bunch up and you'll have to start over. (Thanks youtuber swinglow33)

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