Your Open String Note Mnemonics

Making up your own mnemonics for the Open String Note Names is a good idea. I always encourage students to make up their own, as well as using mine, as it will help you remember them quickly.

Try to make up a fun back story to help you remember yours (if you're using mnemonics to remember anything else, try to make the topics very different so you don’t get them confused!).

Here's a few to get you going. Post yours in the comments below and I'll add the super cool ones to the lesson! :)

Thin to Thick (E B G D A E)

Every Beginner Guitarist Dreads All Enharmonics

Every Boy Gets Dizzy Around Elle (a tribute to Elle Macpherson)

Editors Barely Get Deserved Attention Ever (a tribute to my editor Tom!)


Thick to Thin (E A D G B E)

Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie

Write out at least one of your own, you might need it in a test later ;)

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