Your Own Chord Book

A really great exercise is to make your own chord book. It's something I started doing when I first started learning and I re-wrote and re-organised it a few times along my own journey as I learned more chords and found better ways to organise them.

I recommend that you start by writing out all the open position chords (the chords within the first five frets that use open strings) that you know, remembering to:

  • Show which open strings are muted or left to ring (X or O)
  • Show the fingering either in the dot or next to them.

Writing your own chord book from memory (not just copying from a book or website) is a very effective way to remember the shapes and make sure the chords are clear in your mind.

Put it to Use

On the right --> you can download the Chord Diagram Worksheet, fill it out with dots and finger numbers and then check it with the Chord Diagram Answer Sheet pdf.

Now make your own chord book!

You can also download a Blank Chord Diagram PDF to print out and start filling out with your own chords as you go on your journey! Highly recommend this approach!

Music Theory 2