Your Own Songbook

As you progress in your guitar playing, before you know it, you’ll have a fairly decent selection of songs in your arsenal! If you’re like most beginners, you tend to keep all of these in your head, playing them as you learn them, but not entirely retaining them as you move on to the next tune.

I highly recommend putting together your very own songbook! It comes in handy when you’re asked to play something at the drop of a hat, say for your family or at a party or something. It should be full of songs that you’re not only really comfortable playing all the way through, but you enjoy playing. Having the songs in a book is also super helpful when you’re playing with other people who may not know the lyrics or chords as well as you do. It’s an easy reference sheet for the other musicians (or anyone who just wants to sing along!).

To put it together, just get one of those binders or display folders that have clear protective sheets in them. Print out your favorite songs with the lyrics and the chords and add them to your book.

Alternatively, you can have a digitized version where you keep PDFs of your songs in a Dropbox folder or some other type of cloud storage. This is a bit less accessible than the hard copy version, but in a pinch, it can get the job done.

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