RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a really cool way of staying up to date with new lessons, songs and updates without me having to email everyone each time. It's pretty old school technology but it works!

These days when Facebook and YouTube select what you see (and encourage people like me to pay to get content to you!) this kind of thing is super useful - you can check it when you want and get all the latest lessons and updates when you want them.

Step 1 - get an RSS Reader

You do need an RSS Reader to access the feed. The one that seems the most common is called Feedly and you'll need to install it into your web browser or mobile device to get started. There is a paid 'pro' version but the basic free one is fine for all the basics and to get a feed setup.

Step 2 - set up a feed

On the Chrome version of Feedly it shows up as an app, so select it and you'll see the Feedly page. You'll have to explore other formats or software but I imagine the principles will remain the same and if you use a different reader already then you're probably know how to use it!

  1. On the bottom left you'll see a button that says "+ Content" - click that!
  2. In the search area type in JustinGuitar Feed and hopefully, my feed (of the same name) will show up!
  3. Click Follow, and it will prompt you to "make a new feed" if you didn't already.
  4. Call the new feed whatever you like (or JustinGuitar if you're stuck for ideas!)

Step 3 - check for updates

When you're finished you'll see the JustinGuitar feed on the left - click it and you'll see all the new lessons and updates! You can set it to check every so many minutes, or refresh it manually. The articles will have a link to the lesson or song on the website!

Direct Link

If you're a more experienced RSS user and you're looking for the direct feed link - it's at

Hope you like it and find it useful!