Boss Katana

I have many students asking about amp settings and so I really needed to settle on a great affordable amp to help students get their sounds sorted and I think I've settled on the Boss Katana - almost all the teachers I know (and guitar store folk) say that it's the best affordable amp out there for beginners - and many pro and semi-pro players are using it too!

I just did an 'unboxing and exploring' video and am getting my teeth into it more and figured I should start documenting tips and tricks here for those that have one - I will make some videos of course - but some stuff like settings and technical explanations are probably better on a web page!

The PATCH you can import into Boss Tone Central will only be accessible to registered users so make sure you're signed up!

Please note that I was given the amp by Boss but this is not a paid endorsement, that's not my style.

Buying One?

If you buy one from Amazon using this link, I get a little bit of the pie! Donate while you shop without costing yourself anything more :)

Interviews & Tone Tips

I know a few people that are into tone and might have some tips to share on getting great sounds out of your Katana amp - I'll share them here!

Boss Katana Tone Studio Song Patches

As promised I've started on making a bunch of patches for your Boss Katana Amps :) Some sounds have multiple patches to cover different sections of the songs. Many more to come soon - if you enter TSL into the search engine at top of the website, you'll see all the patches I have at this time - or scan below!

Please let me know in the comments if you dig them, what stuff you'd like to see and if you have any suggestions for tweaks - I'm always open for constructive criticism!

Patches With Justin & Toby

I met Toby Pitman through a mutual friend and he's a pro sound designer and really knows his stuff, so we thought we'd get together and make some patches and explain what we're doing along the way. If you dig them - we'll do a bunch more - so let us know what sounds you'd like us to try and nail down :)