Children's Songs For Mums and Dads eBook

Thank you for supporting me in this project and I really hope you enjoy making music with your children and it gives you many years of fun. Some of the songs from the book have video lessons available in the Ukulele For Mums & Dads module (more coming soon!).

** I will get a preview video showing the book made very soon, just not had time yet! **

After completing your purchase you will find the PDF Download in the lesson below the samples. If you need to get your book again then you can come back here and download it again (or if in the future I update it, you can grab the update here too!).

Assistance. If you are a parent and would love this book but honestly can't afford it then please email assist[at] and we'll gift it to you :)

Other purchase options!

This ebook is for sale on Amazon Kindle, priced at $9.99 (they take a big cut, so it's a little cheaper here!) but might be good for those that like the streamlined Amazon / Kindle experience! Children's Songs For Mums And Dads on Amazon Kindle. If you like the ebook and fancy leaving a review on Amazon - those reviews make a HUGE difference and will help someone decide if uke for kids journey is for them :) Thanks!

For those that prefer PayPal I have added this ebook to the PayPal Payment Page - but remember it's MANUAL so you need to email me and let me know and it is NOT INSTANT! I try not to work weekends and if I'm super busy it might be a few days before it's activated - though I try to check it every day!

Children's Songs For Mums and Dads eBook

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