Chord Shape Explorer

This series is aimed at what I describe as "Advancing Beginners", those that have (mostly) completed the Beginner Course material and are looking for ways to add some spice and colour to their playing!

There are 5 common chord shapes on the guitar, C, A, G, E and D (parts of the CAGED System). Each of the shapes has simple variations you can explore and work into you playing... sometimes lifting a finger or adding a finger - but it's the exploring and listening that is the key thing in this module!

Even though I will mostly explain the 'proper' names of the chords as we go through - I don't recommend you worry about all that too much - just listen. For sure there will be theory reasons that will explain how or why a chord will or won't work - but much more important is how it sounds in the moment, in the song!

We explain all the common variations of one chord shape in each lesson and I would recommend that you work on each lesson for at least a week before moving onto exploring another chord shape - the practical use and working in of the various grips is the really key thing that you must do if you hope that they will come out naturally in your playing...

Deliberate practice of the chord variations - until they become instinctive!

I hope you enjoy this little series :)