Lesson 1: A & D Chords + Songs!

Are you ready for your first lesson?

This first lesson is a little longer than later lessons because there are quite a few fundamental skills we need to get out of the way, how to read chords boxes, hold your guitar, hold picks and more important bits!

After the lesson segments I'm going to give you a full and details practice routine that you can use with My Practice Assistant - you will know exactly what to practice and for how long.

Remember that you can follow along with Nitsuj's progress as well and see how he handles it, some of it is quite funny - especially seeing him experience finger pain and really struggling with playing songs!

The first few weeks of learning guitar are always tough, especially if you go too hard at it at the start - so my advice would be to relax into it and not try to play too much too soon - it'll make for a more fun journey.