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The Internet is (now) a HUGE resource for guitar players and there is probably too much information around - some from master musicians but some from probably well-meaning people who just ain't got it together!

In this area I want to share with you links to various sites and things I dig around the web, mostly guitar related but some other stuff too.

Special thanks to the few companies that endorse:

D'Addario ToneWood Amp • GuitarProAER Amplification • 

Much more to come here, but this page ain't a priority - just off the top of my head stuff so far!

Projects & People I Work With

We Came As Strangers - My band! :)

YouTubers I Rate for Gear Demos

​​​​​​Pete Thorn - Pete is an incredible guitar player and the king of gear demos!
That Pedal Show - Dan and Mick chat pedals and gear and it's fun, entertaining and educational!
Andertons - Capt. Anderton and the gang do loads of great fun relaxed demos.
Philip McKnight - Very knowledgeable guy on guitar repairs, upgrades and reviews kind of stuff.

YouTubers I Rate for Guitar Lessons

Marty Music - Marty Schwartz is my mate and a cool dude, fun teacher and he's really rocking his new (way better) channel.

YouTubers I Rate for Other Music Stuff

Rick Beato - The dude with the kid with amazing ears! He knows his stuff and has lots of interesting vids.