Major Scale Maestro


The Major Scale Maestro Course will get you making music before you know it. It is one of the most fun, musical, and comprehensive courses on Major Scales ever made! 

The lessons are spread over three grades. You'll learn all the essential techniques to play scales well - but not only that! You'll also complete practical exercises and have access to backing tracks and printouts.

By the end of this course, you'll have everything you need to make music using the Major Scale.

I recommend you master this module before starting the Major Scale Modes module. They use the same scale patterns but in a different harmonic context. It'll be a lot easier to learn them if you are already very familiar with the scale patterns.

So, let's get started!



This course is big and deep and worth a lot of money, but I want to keep my lessons free for those who can’t afford a quality music education. If you like this program, please donate. The suggested amount is $50, half of what I could sell it for. Your donation helps many people out there! If you're still unsure about it, read why I run JustinGuitar this way.


Grade 4

Our Scales journey begins with the basics, but making music from the very beginning! Scales are not boring - unless you forget to use them to make music. :) You'll start by learning the 5 Pattern System. They link perfectly with the CAGED System of Chord Shapes! Together, they form a complete guitar framework.

We'll always learn new things in the Key of G, but you will get familiar with other keys as we go through the course. There are plenty of backing tracks to help you with that too!


Here's what we'll learn in Grade 4:

  • How to make music with the Major Scale

  • Re-Active Listening

  • Patterns 1, 2, and 3 of the Major Scale

  • Solos with 1 Finger

  • Transitioning between patterns

  • Playing Scales “In 3rds.”

  • Framework Development!


Grade 5

In Grade 5, we'll develop your skillset. You'll learn to play with scales all over the neck and in all keys! Fun enough? :)

Here's what we'll learn in Grade 5:

  • Using legato in scales

  • Patterns 4 and 5 of The Major Scale

  • Exploring Melodic Patterns

  • How to play all over the guitar neck

  • Getting comfortable with all keys

  • Introduction to key changes!


Grade 6

Have you heard about the 3 Note Per String System (3NPS)? It's another very popular system for scale patterns. As the name suggests, it has three notes on every string - which has some advantages and disadvantages. Overall, it's a very useful system, especially when you combine it with the 5 Pattern System. 

Here's what we'll learn in Grade 6:

  • What is the 3NPS, and why is it cool?

  • Learn all the seven patterns of the system

  • Learn to link the 3NPS with the 5 Pattern System

  • Explore techniques that use the 3NPS

  • Learn how to play long flowing and fast scale passages!