Master Rock Power Chords

Welcome to Master Rock Power Chords!

This is a collection of 14 tracks you can play along with to master you Power Chord playing... well by master I mean get the basics under your fingers! ;) It starts very very easy and I used it many times as a mini-course for complete beginner teenagers who would not learn regular songs because they were too into metal, would not learn chords, but wanted to rock...

Each track is between 40-60 second long, included for each track is a PDF chart and tracks, one of the full band and then a version minus the power chord guitar part to jam along with.

Required Skills

The tracks start very easy, with just a few open power chord grips and then gradually progress to playing both Root 5 and Root 6 Power Chords and Palm Muting. Information on playing these chords and techniques is all found in the beginner's course on my website. The most relevant lessons are:

Root 6 Power Chords

Root 5 Power Chords

Palm Muting Power Chords

You will also be reading chord charts - which is a great skill to learn - there is TAB as well of course.

You can use 2 or 3 note Power Chords as you like. As this was aimed at complete beginners I show just two note Power Chords in the TAB, but more advanced players should try the 3 note versions!


Note that you must be signed in to access the PDF charts! Some things you will see on the charts:

P.M - Palm Mute

SIM. - Similar - continue in the same way...

./4/. - Repeat the last 4 bars

./2/. - Repeat the last 2 bars

History of these tracks

This set of tracks was made way back in 2003 and was used in a downloadable program that had a fretboard that showed where to put your fingers and stuff. It didn’t really sell too well and was released from copyright around 2010 and I started selling it as Master Rock Power Chords. Come 2018 and I don't think the production values are what they should be, but figured it's still just as fun, so decided to give it away for free :)


The guitar sounds were all my Red Fender Strat into a Line 6 POD (the first bean shaped one) into an old Mackie 1604 desk. I was just learning about drum programming and did all that in Logic Audio - I’m sure I’d do a better job of the mix now too - but I can’t find the original files, so we live with what we got eh!

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