Master Your Major Scales

Want to know your Major Scales and be able to play nice melodic solos over major chord sequences? Then this one is for you!

In this video, all 5 Major scales will be taught using my unique and practical method - study one pattern at a time and learn not just the shape but how to use it! This is aimed at Intermediate level guitarists!

You'll learn Pattern Studies, Single Finger Solos and Exploring Positions, and once you are able to use a position, you learn the next... then you join them together to eventually be able to play all over the neck.  This method works :)

This series is one I am very proud of, having seen many students work through this and come out being able to make music with the major scale confidently all over the neck. We focus on the G Major Scale throughout, exploring one scale pattern at a time and doing multiple exercises to help you USE the major scales. There is little to be learned from playing scales up and down, but a lot to be learned by using them, which is the big goal of this series.

Many people learn scales, but most don't learn HOW TO USE SCALES TO MAKE MUSIC. This 120-minute series will show you how to combine your knowledge and your ear to make cool melodic improvisations!

This set of films costs $9.96 (USD) and is a one-time payment, NOT a subscription. After payment, you will be able to access and download the movies and pdf booklet which contain scale diagrams and tabs. This used to be available as a DVD and was previously sold at The JustinGuitar Store (which is now closed).

Master Your Major Scales: Intro

Welcome to the JustinGuitar course on mastering your major scales! We’ll be learning five major scale positions that will help you expand as a guitarist!



MMS Lesson 1

When practising scales, it really helps to work with a metronome, but only after you’re comfortable playing the scale on its own!



MMS Lesson 2

Let’s get into Position 1! There are a few different ways you should be practicing this, but it will all help you get super comfortable with the scale.



MMS Lesson 3

In this lesson, we’re going to be playing the scale in thirds, as well as diving into Position 2.



MMS Lesson 4

We’re exploring Position 2 in this lesson, as well as learning a new exercise pattern.



MMS Lesson 5

For this lesson, we’ll be looking at 134 and 124 shifts, as well as combining Positions 1 and 2.



MMS Lesson 6

Moving on to Position 3, this is an easy one!



MMS Lesson 7

In this lesson, we’ll be combining Positions 1, 2, and 3, as well as learning Position 4.



MMS Lesson 8

For this lesson, we’re learning a new pattern - fourths. This will help you get used to some awkward fingerings, which will come in handy once you start soloing!



MMS Lesson 9

Finally, we’re going to combine Patterns 1, 2, 3, and 4, and get into Pattern 5.



MMS Lesson 10

Here’s a backing track in the key of G major.



Master Your Major Scales

- Lesson Steps -