Module 12: Power Chords!

Are you ready to rock??

This lesson is all about Power Chords, and while they are a mainstay of electric guitar, they also sound super cool on acoustic and are an enabler when you find a song that has barre chords that you don't know - so well worth a look even if you don't dig rock and distortion!

In this lesson we learn how to:

  • Play Power Chords with root notes on the thickest two strings
  • Name the note on the thickest 2 strings
  • Move your Power Chords around smoothly
  • Use "Palm Mute" Rhythm Technique
  • Play the A Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Use distortion properly (and learn what it is!)
  • Play a bunch of awesome songs and the Enter Sandman Riff!!

An amazing lesson we're going to have - I'd suggest spending a while here and having some fun with it.

Lets ROCK!