Module 13: The Blues

In this module, we are going to get a taste of the blues! I'm working on another beginner blues module for Grade 3 and I have a ton of blues courses already (mostly aimed at Intermediate players), so if you dig on this - there's plenty to move forward with later!

One thing I should mention - I went acoustic guitar to teach this lesson mainly because the last lesson was so electric - but the Blues works great on both acoustic and electric - in fact, other than very early blues on a resonator acoustic - it is more associated with electric guitar.  For lead guitar it's usually easier on electric - but you can (and should!) do it on both!

We're going to learn:

  • How to play 7th chords (very useful in many styles)
  • How to play a Shuffle Rhythm
  • The three most important 12 Bar Blues Progressions
  • How to play Justin's Beginner Solo
  • How to play a Blues Shuffle Riff
  • How to improvise a solo over a 12 Bar Blues

Let's get into it!