Module 4: It's D Minor Sunshine

Lesson 4…we’re moving along nicely! How’d Lesson 3 go for you? Hopefully, you’re feeling a bit more confident with your chord changes and your strumming because we’re going to be developing that a bit more in this lesson. Also, if your fingers are hurting from all of that chord practice, I’ve got an exercise for you that should help with that.

Before we get started – pay attention to the weight of your pick. As I said, we’re going to be delving more into strumming in this lesson, so be sure to find a weight that you’re comfortable with. For beginners, it’s usually a good idea to stick with as lightweight a pick as you can find. It’s much more forgiving!

Also, not to get too much into your personal hygiene, but KEEP YOUR NAILS SHORT! It’s really, really difficult to play any stringed instrument with long fingernails simply because they get in your way. You want them short so that you can press the strings down fully with just your fingertips. A good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t see any of the white part of your nail. If your nail is hitting the fretboard itself, it’s too long.

In this lesson, we’ll be going over…

  • The D minor chord
  • Finger stretching exercise
  • Strumming, specifically how to skip a down-strum