Module 9: F in this Chili riff!

I promise that they didn't call it the F chord for nothin!

This lesson we get our first taste of the F chord. Some of you will find it easy, but most will be like me and find it a bit of a battle. We are not aiming to master F this lesson, just start work on it and learn some more cool stuff.

  • The F Chord!
  • Cheats for F until you master the big one!
  • Muting between chords
  • Making a Chord Book
  • C Major Scale all down
  • Further Strumming developments
  • Little Finger Workout Exercise
  • The Californication Riff (Red Hot Chili Peppers CLASSIC!)
  • The Chords In The Key of C

So a load of stuff to be cracking on with this lesson :)