Nitsuj Grade 1 Practice

Never thought I’d be a beginner again, but I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to try out my own beginner’s course!

So, meet Nitsuj, my own left-handed counterpart (it's Justin backwards in case you hadn't noticed!).

For Beginner’s Lesson 1, it took Nitsuj four separate practice sessions to get comfortable enough with the material to move on to Lesson 2.

For most of you, I suspect it will take two to four weeks of practice with about four practice sessions per week before you’re ready to move on. It’s much better to take your time and get your fundamentals down super well before going further in the course. Otherwise, the rest of it will all be a struggle and you’ll constantly be playing catch-up!

Lesson 2

Nitsuj actually put in five different practice sessions to tackle Lesson 2, but due to my own mismanagement SD cards and the absolutely crazy quantity of things being filmed, only four of those practice sessions survived!

Lesson 3

Nitsuj's Lesson 3 practice sessions started off in beautiful Abbotsford in British Columbia, Canada and ended back in Justin’s studio in the UK. It just goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to take time off from your practice schedule regardless of where life takes you!

Lesson 4

Confidence is everything, isn’t it? You can be an ace player, but unless you feel comfortable with what you’re doing, it’ll never be quite right. Nitsuj is finally getting to the point where he feels good about his playing and the progress he’s made. Finger pain has subsided, and his hands and fingers are notably less awkward than they were when he started!

Lesson 5

Our friend, Nitsuj seems to be getting the hang of things! Moving on to Lesson 5 of Justin’s Beginner’s Course, Nitsuj is ready to tackle his strumming and picking.

Lesson 6

In this lesson, Nitsuj faces off against Justin’s old nemesis, the G chord… this should be fun.

Lesson 7

There are 10 sessions in Nitsuj's consolidation lessons - took him longer than he expected I think :) but he's rocking into Grade 2 now!