Rhythm Maestro

👉 Do you want to work out any rhythm or strumming pattern by ear?
👉 Do you want to understand how strumming (really) works?
👉 Do you feel like something is missing when you strum?
👉 Do you want to add rhythm to the TABs you write?

This Rhythm Maestro course will help you with all of this and much more!

I've been working on how to teach rhythm for many years. This course is the most effective way: it invites you to jump in and practice it for real as soon as possible.

How does this course work?

We start easy. We'll learn the fundamental note values and how to write basic rhythms. In the very first lesson, you'll be able to write out basic strumming patterns!

By the second lesson, you'll recognize many of the most common strumming patterns you will find. You'll spot variations and understand how to apply the concepts to your own rhythm playing.

This course is not about strumming; it's pure rhythm! :) It'll supercharge your guitar playing if you put in the work!

It does have a steep learning curve at the beginning, but stick with it! It gets easy after a few lessons, and you'll notice the benefits and be keen to stay on track!

PDF and GuitarPro files are free for registered students. The GuitarPro files are ace because you play along with them and loop to listen to anything you find tricky!

New Lessons

I expect to release new lessons every two weeks. There are five lessons in Grade 4, and they cover most 8th notes based on rhythm patterns!

Have fun. :)