Set Up Your Electric Guitar

This 10 part series on how to setup your electric guitar will take you through all the steps you need to set up your electric guitar - with Master Guitar Technician, Charlie Chandler.

Charlie is one of the worlds best guitar technicians and has worked for many top-drawer artists. He's been doing my guitar setup's and maintenance for over 15 years and I know lots of people are interesting in learning to do their own setups (and I wanted to learn myself!) and I'm really stoked that he agreed to do this series - I think it came out great!

We use the 'cheapest electric guitar on Amazon' which cost just £62 and by the end of the series it's playing real well and sounding pretty good! In a future series we may explore changing pickups and tuners and stuff...

The hope is with this series you will be able to do your own setups at home!