Ohh the great mystery that is songwriting. I'm not sure you can learn how to do it, in fact, I have always been against the idea of learning anything about writing and just doing it. But then, I guess I learnt a lot by hanging out with good writers and writing a lot. Experience is often the best teacher.

But I have been talking about this with lots of other writers over the last year, and a few very interesting points have been made to me. The strongest argument is about the high number of pro artists that study at art school, people learn about painting, the technical aspects and study the masters, then go and make their own work. Visual art is also a medium that people express themselves from. Lots of great artists went to art school... but most of them joined bands and became musicians!! ;)

I don't know what I think anymore! Can it be taught? Where do songs come from? I have no idea. But I am going to share some tips I learnt along the way, and I hope that they are useful for someone...

It's important to point out here that I don't consider myself an expert songwriter. I have one song that has done pretty well for me and got me a platinum disk (Turn To Tell for Katie Melua) but that's it. I love writing with my band We Came As Strangers so I guess you can all be the judge of my writing ability. I love writing as much as playing guitar. But writing, like all art is subjective. I would never expect everyone to like what I do because I don't like everything I hear. ;)