Technique: Fretting Hand

This module deals with all techniques that relate to putting your fingers on the fretboard.

Essential Intermediate (& Beyond) Exercises

These first few lessons and exercises are really valuable and will suit any players beyond Beginner grades. Finger Stretching, Finger Gym and Minimum Movement exercises were all hugely beneficial to me personally and I've had incredible feedback from students who got into them.


A great vibrato can really make your playing sing and once you get it feeling good will add a real depth to your musical expression. There are many different ways and styles of vibrato - my suggestion is you work on the ones that sound and feel good to you!

String Bending

This technique is essential for Blues, Rock and many other styles - I have included a couple of old lessons here but I think you're much better of learning these techniques in context and they're included in my Blues Lead Guitar 1: Essential module where you'll learn all about the technique and some cool licks (words) to put them to use in!