I know the old Lesson Update list was pretty popular, so figured I'd make a new one showing what I'm working on and what's been updated.

Working On Right Now

1. I'm in Italy running a workshop, but still updating the site between classes!

2. Still plugging away on bugs and small site fixes, dud links, spelling errors and that kind of thing.

3. Planning the next batches of lessons and songs to film when I return to the uk.

MAY 2018

30 • PMT 5 new videos for G3 now live, more coming next week.
29 • PMT Added answer pdf's for G4 and G5
29 • PMT Updated and corrected G4 and G5 Tests
28 • Typos fixed, 'save for later' bug fixed, 
24 • NEW SONG: Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know - Beginner easy lesson
24 • NEW SONG: Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know - Explorer lesson
23 • Bunch of minor typos sorted out all over the place!
23 • Added Blank Papers: Two Blank Chord PDF and Manuscript and TAB/Manuscript papers
23 • Updated PMT Exams 2 and 3 and added answer sheets for Grade 1/2/3 (rest coming soon!)
22 • PMT Grade 2: All 8 lessons now have video.
21 • PMT Grade 6: one lesson added but more on the way shortly!
20 • NEW LESSON: Guitar Maintenance 1: How to fly with your guitar
15 • PMT Grade 1: 8 VIDEOS added - taste of things to come - (almost) every Grade 1 lesson has video!
09 • PMT Separated Grade 5 into 3 modules because it was just getting too big!
09 • PMT Added Practical Music Theory and Chord Construction Guide ebooks free with the subscription! WOW!
05 • PMT Grade 5, pretty much done, just some formatting to do. Now will get back to work on Grade 6!
05 • PMT 4 new lessons on minor scales, new PDF and backing tracks!
05 • PMT New chord diagrams, corrections and 6 new PDF for G5!
01 • PMT Finished Grade 4 formatting and checking!
01 • PMT Two new PDF file downloads and new images for Triad Arpeggios (MT-411)