While I keep as much as I can free around here, a boy has to make a living and my little homemade site has become rather big and expensive to run and as it continues to grow I need more helpers, so your support buying the things I sell is super appreciated! Things we have in the store:

Here you'll find my mega-popular Beginner Song Course App and all my other awesome 'tool' apps, almost all are available for Apple and Android devices!

Tee Shirts
I have what must be the largest collection of guitar themed tees anywhere - they're all designed exclusively for me and only available from Tee Spring :)

This includes my massive Practical Music Theory Course and shorter courses that I used to sell as DVDs (no physical DVDs are available any more) which are now downloadable PDF and movie files (you can choose the resolution when you download them, depending on the device you are watching them on you might prefer a smaller low res file!).

I no longer sell my own books direct - but I have two recommended partners that give me a share of sales and are obviously it's much better to buy from them if you can. Andertons offer free shipping in the UK and Music Room offer international delivery!

Much appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the things you buy from here - if not, please get in touch because I really want everyone to be happy with things they buy around here! Best wishes, Justin!