SAY SOMETHING by A Great Big World

Difficulty: Orange
Views: 49,401

This is a heavy one! Well, lyrically heavy. Good luck coming out of this without a few tears, but the tune really is lovely. It’s got some clean melodies and seamless harmonies, and it’s performed on a piano with vocals that stay pretty soft throughout. Towards the end, it builds with the voices and some strings, but it still maintains this delicate and somber feel.

Getting started then – capo on the second fret if you’d like to play along with the recording, which I always recommend when learning a new song. There’s an F bar chord in there that might give you some trouble, but this is also a good tune to practice playing that F with the thumb hanging over the top of the fretboard.

Throughout the song, there’s a D note that rings out, and by using a fingerstyle picking pattern, you can emphasize this a bit. Play around with how you voice it all, though – there’s a lot of opportunity here for you to get creative and make the song your own. That’s what I like about these simpler songs, actually. They give you just enough to work with, but plenty of space to work within.

Finally, the timing of this is 6/8 time. If you’re not too familiar with it, it’s got kind of a “waltz” feel to it. Since it’s a slower 6/8, you have plenty of time to add in more fingerpicking or strums wherever you feel like doing so.





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