COCHISE by Audioslave

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As a second tribute song for the great Chris Cornell I thought I'd pick this awesome song by Audioslave which also features some wicked riffing from Tom Morello (he of Rage Against The Machine fame!).

It got a couple of real fat awesome riffs to sink your teeth in to and if you got some cool out there effects to try you should unleash them in the intro and or the bridge!

I put out a question on twitter asking if anyone knew for sure the correct pronounciation of the song name, and I got an answer from Tom Morello himself :) And it's Cochise as in Niece (the city in France!). I gather it was an Indian cheif too, but need to do some reading of US History books me thinks!

Hope you dig it :)

Watch Tom Morello explain how he does the intro riffs!

Have a look on the right of the page for a clip someone just sent me of TM playing the tune, he shows how he plays the intro and also that the fingering for the chorus riff is slightly different to what I teach - right notes and everything, I find the way he does it way hard, but y'know... it's his tune!

Suhr Classic Antique, Bridge Pickup, All knobs on 10.

Kemper Profiler, M Britt profile "65 London L1 7", lowered gain a little and boosted Treble and Presence.

Reverb in Kemper as it came on preset!




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