Lively Up Yourself by Bob Marley

So did a session where I had to play some kinda reggae feel and realized how rubbish I was at it - so I'm getting deeper into the style - and man there is a load of great stuff there!

In this lesson, we check out the SKANK (also called the chop, hit or bang) and also the STUCK LINE which is the guitar line that sits with the bass.

The Skank

Aim for a heavily muted sound by only pressing the fingers into the chord shape very lightly but strumming quite hard! This is a lot harder than you might think to get it right, but it's a key to the style that I hadn't noticed before!

The Stuck Line

This line must sit perfectly with the bass, like exactly - so when practising he song, make sure you keep your ear on the bass and play along as best as you can!

The Slurs

I don't cover the Slurs (fills, lead lines) in this lesson - but thought I'd note here that that is the 3rd common reggae part - basically a long solo that does fills between the vocals and adds interesting sounds, often using wah-wah, phaser and other effects.

The most important thing here is to PLAY ALONG with the original recording as soon as you have the parts down and work on absorbing the groove!

And have fun! :)