Sing by Ed Sheeran

Hello, hello! In today’s play-along, we’re going to be tackling Ed Sheeran’s super popular hit, “Sing.” For an Ed Sheeran song, this one is really simple and great for beginners as it only uses two chords – E minor and A minor. Those two aren’t terribly difficult to switch back and forth between, so if you’re up for it, you can try some cool things with the strumming patterns.

If you’re a proper beginner, though, keep it simple! Start with one strum per bar, and when that gets to be a bit boring for you, you can certainly change it up. I’ve done a few different strumming patterns here, which you’re more than welcome to try, but the key with playing and experimenting in general is to do what feels natural for you.

If you want to practice a few strum patterns before applying them to the song, it can help to isolate them by just muting the strings with your fretting hand. That way, you can focus on just getting the strum pattern solid, consistent, and comfortable. Once you’ve got that down, you can try it out with the app.

Speaking of the app, if you’re a beginner, it really is a great resource for you! You can grab it right here, whether you’ve got an Android or an iOS device. It’s got heaps of lessons and practices you can check out, along with plenty more songs to play along with.

Also, if you’re an Ed Sheeran fan, I’ve got quite a few lessons of his songs on the website. I go into more detail about how to play his stuff, and we even get into some looper business.